The West Auckland Research Centre holds a collection of Oral History recordings from key individuals involved with the Pacifica Arts Centre in Henderson.
These richly expressive and detailed interviews record the extraordinary passion and drive behind the origin, history and future of The Pacifica Arts Centre in Henderson.
The Waitakere Pacific Arts and Cultural Centre has grown from small beginnings to a thriving and vibrant community base for Pacific people in Waitakere.
The Pacifica Mamas and now Pacifica Papas have created a warm and welcoming place to share Pacific cultures and teach, learn and create traditional art together.
You can view a summary of these interviews on the Local History Online website. 
Pacifica Arts Centre oral history collection: Auckland Libraries OH-1185, image id URB-D-2015-020 (Mary Ama).

Further research material can be found at: The West Auckland Research Centre, Waitakere Central Library

Level 2, 3 Ratanui Street, Henderson, Tel: 09 440 7003 or email.