New Writing Celebrates Henderson

​In September 2017 Outside the Square launched a series of short form writing to celebrate Henderson's people, places and past. 
The initiative was funded by the Henderson - Massey Local Board to support community engagement with the arts.
Four written works were created by Paula Morris, Nina Seja, Ann Poulsen, and Renee Liang (Glucina).​
Written works were published and distributed freely to the public in purpose built book-boxes placed around the Henderson CBD.
See below to download your free copy of the works.

Sofya's Garden by Renee Liang (Glucina)

Inspired by oral histories from Croatian settlers in Henderson and old Croatian fairy tales, Sofya's Garden takes you on a magical journey rooted in West Auckland soil.  Renee's play is currently in development.

Up the Creek: A Personal Essay by Paula Morris

Paula Morris grew up in Te Atatu South with a creek swamping the bottom of the garden. Her parents spent the last decade of their lives in Waitakere Gardens overlooking Opanuku Creek. In this personal reflection, Paula considers the role of creeks in Maurice Gee's work and the influence Henderson and its waterways have had on her own life and writing. 
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Notes to a Human Specimen from Your Elders by Nina Seja

Pollen and spores travel – adventurers of their own. Like these biotic wonders, the renowned Lucy Cranwell also traveled the winds. Raised in Henderson, she left her mark around the world. She collected samples of her beloved pollen grains, fossils, and spores - a botanical sublime. Lucy Cranwell spent her life telling the story of nature. Nina Seja's inventive work gives nature a voice to tell Lucy’s story.
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Memory of a Garden by Ann Poulsen

The Memory of a Garden is a 'close-reading' of the Japanese Garden at Waitakere Central, 6 Henderson Valley Road.  The garden is a dynamic site where two cities meet, share and exchange.  Ann Poulsen's work activates this overlooked space and reveals the critical memory the garden contains.
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